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RoomChecking: Make your hospitality team excellent.

RoomChecking is the best solution to improve your team’s efficiency, save time and costs.  Our system is the digital glue that enables true teamwork, eliminates communications errors and guarantees that no task or reminder is forgotten. Apart from the cost savings, it empowers you to improve guest satisfaction .

Your staff will love Roomchecking. We designed a user-experience first solution that anyone can use.  Our system includes built in workflows that make daily operations, cross-department communication, and PMS communication easy and in Realtime !

RoomChecking helps hotels pay attention to details, under guests, and service their needs. We make addressing the expectation guests have prior to arriving easy to meet.  Our system will automate, track, and audit the myriad of details so you maintain standards.


Dead-Simple Apps


Total flexible housekeeping solution to support your hotel organisation

RoomChecking makes it easy for different departments to work together.  Avoid the hassle of phones calls, asking for updates, and running around to see what has been done. We keep everything in one place so it’s easy to add new tasks and track updates.


- Easy Cleaners Scheduling

- Checklists & Audits

- 2-Way PMS Integration

- Preventative Housekeeping Tasks & Turndown service

- Report Lost and Found items

- Refusals, Delayed Cleanings, and Pauses

- Housekeeping can submit issues for maintenance

- Front Office can prioritize rooms and add in reservation messages

- Maintenance can blocks rooms until inspection and automatically alert housekeeping when ready

- Notifications can be sent from one user to another

- Set specific change sheets schedules


The new smart way to plan


Your Hotel requires a professional housekeeping service to make sure guest expectations are met.

The last thing you want to worry about is the system that manages it all.


The Right Person For The Job

Need something more powerful than assigned work orders to the maintenance team?  

Our dynamic system allows for jobs to be sent to the right person and tracked properly.


Collaborate for guest satisfaction


Part of reducing guest dissatisfaction is to log a complaint asap.

It is the way to acknowledge your guest’s concerns and update him about progress.

Being able to create guest comments or complaints from any application, informing all the staff about progress will impress your guest while decreasing the risk of unhappy customers.


A Dashboard that leads to ROI

On average a 200 room hotel produces over 500 events per day… averaging 200 000 events per year ! it’s a gold mine to understand what’s really happening and draw the right conclusions. Moreover, if you need to manage multiple properties, you’ll love being able to see it all from one dashboard.


- Live consoles and dashboards to uncover potential issues

- Multi property dashboards to empower your decisions

- Export YOUR data to your BI Tool


Connect your systems !

Unlock the full power of the system by connecting directly to your PMS System.  Our 2-way integration communicates guest reservations, room statuses, housekeeping statuses, and more.  We even offer minibar integration !

We currently offer over 75 different integrations.