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FAQ - Practical

  • How to obtain a free demonstration of Winner Hotel Software?

    Just contact one of our referenced Winner Hotel Software dealers. All contact details are available here. We will organize a free online demonstration without any obligations of the modules you are interested in.


  • How to contact current Winner Hotel Software customers to obtain feedback

    A selection of professional companies that have put their trust in Winner Hotel Software products and services can be consulted here. A more detailed list of Winner Hotel Software customers can be obtained through one of our referenced dealers. Do not hesitate to contact us.


  • What is the implementation process of Winner Hotel Software?

    Once you have selected Winner Hotel Software to be your professional partner, we will go through the following stages to ensure an optimal implementation of your solutions:

    • For PC-software applications:
      - We send you a questionnaire allowing us to build you a tailor-made database.
      - On site we install your training room with both Winner Hotel Software and your personalized database.
      - Our experienced trainers guide you to configure all parameters in the software matching the specific needs of your organization.
      - We organize a training for every staff member involved.
      - Your co-workers learn how to create rates and packages and how to easily create reservations. Following their training they enter all relevant data in your personalized database.
      - We activate the software at a time of your convenience. If a current application is to be replaced, prior to activation we implement a specific procedure to verify all data in the Winner Hotel Software matches. 
      - Following activation one of our specialists stays on site to assist you through the first couple of operational shifts. He stands by your side so you can familiarize with your new environment.
      - Once our colleague has left the premises, you continuously benefit support from our professional helpdesk team.

    • For online applications:
      - We send you a questionnaire allowing us to build you a tailor-made database.
      - We organize an online training by one of our specialists. 
      - We assist you to customize all parameters in the software based on the specific needs of your organization.
      - You immediately benefit from your new products.
      - Following activation of the software you continuously benefit support from our professional helpdesk team.


  • What does the ideal training room look like?

    The ideal training room is sufficiently large and can preferably accommodate 1 computer per trainee, properly installed in a network including an A4 printer. A flip chart and markers as well as a beamer is available for the trainer. The room is located in a calm area and can be locked by key.


  • Why can I not find any price indication for Winner Hotel Software on this website?

    Winner Hotel Software is always tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Our specialists will assist you in defining exactly what modules you need to optimize the return on your investment. They will create you a customized offer. Allow us to advise you on the ideal Winner Hotel Software configuration to match your needs. Contact us free of charge and without any obligations).


  • Can I buy my hardware from Winner Hotel Software?

    No. Winner Hotel Software exclusively supplies software solutions and accompanying services. Our specialists however are eager to assist you when looking for a solid hardware partner and, if you would ask them to do so, will evaluate your incoming hardware-offers for price and compatibility issues.

FAQ - Features

  • In what languages Winner Hotel Software is available?

    The PC-software solutions of Winner Hotel Software are available in English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch. The online solutions are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan and Galegan. The online solutions also come with a free module to add additional languages of your choice.


  • In what countries Winner Hotel Software is available?

    Winner Hotel Software is available all over the world.


  • In what countries Winner Hotel Software has been installed?

    Winner Hotel Software has been successfully installed in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, The United Kingdom, Slovenia, Poland, The French Antilles, The Bermuda Islands, Ghana, Nigeria, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Algeria and Singapore.


  • On what platform Winner Hotel Software is being developed?

    The PC-software products of Winner Hotel Software are being developed in Microsoft Visual Basic, using a Microsoft SQL Server database. Reports are generated through Crystal Reports. The online products are developed in Microsoft Visual and also use a Microsoft SQL Server database.


  • Who develops Winner Hotel Software?

    All Winner Hotel Software products are exclusively developed by Planet Winner, located in Bruges, Belgium.


  • Which hardware is compatible with Winner Hotel Software?

    Winner Hotel Software can be used on most Microsoft-compatible hardware. Consult our list of minimum and recommended hardware requirements.


  • What operating systems are compatible with Winner Hotel Software?

    As Microsoft Certified Partner Winner Hotel Software is compatible with all recent Microsoft Operating Systems.


  • Can I use Winner Hotel Software on my Tablet or Smartphone?

    Winner Hotel Software can be used on any Tablet PC or Smartphone using the RDP Itap app or a similar app that supports Remote Desktop connections.

FAQ - Helpdesk

  • When can I reach the helpdesk?

    Winner Hotel Software offers a 24/7, immediately accessible helpdesk service. You determine yourself the degree of maintenance you require. You can select from various support levels such as only during office hours or helpdesk access from 09AM to 11PM including weekends.


  • How can I reach the helpdesk?

    Our helpdesk team is available 24/7 by phone. During office hours you can also reach us by mail or by fax. A specific support website ( is at your disposal with manuals and best practices, accessible at the time of your convenience.


  • For what can I rely on the helpdesk?

    Outside office hours our helpdesk service is only available for urgent and blocking issues. All regular questions or remarks will be addressed during office hours.


  • Who mans the helpdesk? 

    Our helpdesk is staffed by all-round specialists with a proven track record in hotel business. Our team has manned the most common positions of hotel reception and or night audit. They know what you experience facing a software problem having a customer at the other side of the phone or reception desk. Our people alternate software installations, training and helpdesk assistance. Making them the ideal people to address your problems, through a personal and professional approach.

FAQ - Abbreviations

  • PMS software

    PMS is short for Property Management System. It is the international denomination for professional hotel management software. The main modules present in this type of software are tools for hotel reservation, invoicing, address book management, revenue reporting etc.


  • POS software

    POS stands for Point of Sales software. It is the international denomination for software designed for restaurants and bars. It allows the waiter, amongst other functionality, to charge consumptions and to invoice the restaurant customer.


  • BQT software

    BQT is short for Banqueting software. It determines software to manage meeting room and equipment rental, reservation of meals and packages, establishment of proposals and contracts, elaborate reporting towards the different hotel departments etc.


  • WWH

    WWH is short for Winner Web Hotel. It is the global name for the online applications of Winner Hotel Software. WWH consists of 2 separate components that can be integrated into 1 single solution: a Booking Engine for online reservations from the hotel website and a Channel Manager to master your internet distribution channels like, Expedia…


  • BE

    BE is short for Booking Engine. An online module, integrated into the hotel website. This application allows visitors to book hotel rooms and accompanying services directly from the hotel website. 


  • CM

    CM is short for Channel Manager. It designates an online module, like the Booking Engine. This application allows the hotelier to control his various internet distribution channels. It manages and synchronizes rates and availability towards his channels (e.g., Expedia, ReservIt…) in one direction and integrates and groups incoming reservations into a central application in the other direction. Both fully automated.